About FdS

El Fuego del Sol (FdS Haiti) is a social-eco enterprise based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We are a full-service waste management, recycling and clean cooking enterprise working to improve environmental, economic and health conditions in Haiti.

We seek to find solutions to Haiti's ecological and health problems within the country, by investing locally, educating communities and changing culture in the direction of sustainability. Our goals are to foster growth, empower local people, and promote healthful and ecological cooking alternatives.

Our approach:

  • Protect the environment by reducing deforestation and recycling waste.
  • Produce clean, healthful cooking fuel and durable, easy-to-use stoves.
  • Create long-lasting economic opportunities on the ground in Haiti.

Our Mission

Where traditional NGOs provide gifts, FdS creates long-term employment.

It is the FdS mission to provide ecological and social solutions, including technological advances, that work to improve the life of developing country populations while creating long-term sustainable program income. FdS consistently works to introduce and develop the most effective sociological, ecological, economical and flexible solutions available.

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trees saved by replacing charcoal with FdS bio-briquettes

More than 4,000,000 tons of trees have been destroyed in Haiti in harvests to create charcoal. Given that it takes 10 pounds of wood to produce 1 pound of charcoal, charcoal is an extremely inefficient and environmentally damaging fuel source. However, it remains the most popular cooking fuel in Haiti and much of the developing world.


school meals prepared with FdS stoves and briquettes

FdS works not only to improve the health and wellbeing of Haiti's cooks and provide long-term jobs, but to protect and replenish Haiti's environment by creating a sustainable, alternative fuel source and training cooks and institutions to switch to clean-burning, recycled briquettes.

130 tons

of waste materials recycled by FdS

FdS recycles material from institutions all over Port-au-Prince and turns waste paper, cardboard and sawdust into clean-burning briquettes to use as cooking fuel. We also work with local designers and engineers to construct efficient, durable cookstoves which we supply to our clients around Haiti. Our mission is to reduce waste, improve the health of Haiti's cooks, and create long-lasting jobs.


Get Involved

If ecologically sustainable development speaks to you, we'd love to hear from you! Check out our website for more information on donating, volunteering and eco-tourism opportunities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

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