A local cook using one of the FdS briquette stoves.

A local cook using one of the FdS briquette stoves.

Clean Cookstoves

Inhaled household smoke from inefficient cookstoves leads to 2 million deaths annually in the developing world.

In addition to providing full recycling services and clean cooking fuel, FdS also produces clean-burning cookstoves for kitchens and cooks. Our stoves are specifically designed to maximize the efficiency of our briquettes, and can be custom-fit to any institution's cooking needs.

Our stoves are created by local engineers in Haiti, and are sold and distributed to local organizations and institutions to accompany our briquettes. We provide full training for cooks on the proper use of the stove, as well as full installations on-site to ensure that the stoves have proper ventilation.

Click here to see how FdS cookstoves out-compete other cookstoves available. For more information, including stove prices and installation options, please email office@elfuegodelsol.com