Freshly-made FdS clean-burning bio-briquettes.

Freshly-made FdS clean-burning bio-briquettes.

Sustainable Cooking Fuel

FdS creates clean-burning, recycled cooking fuel from cardboard, paper and sawdust collected from around Port-au-Prince. Our briquettes burn as efficiently as charcoal and are cheaper to purchase and produce. The briquettes also keep kitchens and cooking facilities free from the harmful toxins excreted by burning charcoal, which can damage the health of the cooks, as well as the infrastructure within the cooking facilities.

Additionally, FdS is committed to working with local briquette makers from outside of our company to encourage their businesses and shift the Haitian cooking economy away from dependence on charcoal. It is our mission to replace charcoal industry jobs 1:1 with briquette manufacturing jobs.

Unlike other alternative fuels such as propane and ethanol, our recycled briquettes are sourced within Haiti, keeping energy sources local and Haitian workers employed.

Click here to view the FdS Ecological Cycle chart. For more information on our briquettes, including prices and delivery options, please contact